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Re: [luga] mail2html

Hi Thomas!

On 1 Aug 98, at 10:14, Thomas Warwaris wrote:

> Hat jemand erfahrungen (tips, empfehlungen?) fuers umwandeln von
> e-mail (user accounts) nach html (damit user seine mails "browsen"
> kann).
> Sollte ein cgi sein.

Nicht getestet, wäre aber an Erfahrungen interessiert:

 subject: IMP 1.0
added by: Chuck Hagenbuch <chagenbu@wso.williams.edu>
    time: 02:55

IMP is short for Imap webMail Program. It's one of those webmail apps,
like Hotmail or Yahoo mail, but it uses existing IMAP accounts and is
free. It relies on PHP3's imap.so module for the IMAP calls, and an SSL
server for security.

This is the first public release of IMP. It is mostly functional, and has
been tested to a reasonable extent. This release has:
deletion/undeletion/copying/moving of multiple messages, reading of
multiple mailboxes, replying, reply-all, forwarding, generic composition
of mail.

o Download (http://osmos.ml.org/projects/imp/imp-1.0.tar.gz)
o Homepage (http://osmos.ml.org/projects/imp)
o Appindex Record (http://appindex.freshmeat.net/view/901250446/)

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