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[luga] schaut glaub ich gut aus für 2.2

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Ok, we've been in a tentative code freeze for a long time, and now it's
final. I've made a 2.1.115 that I hope is good enough, and I won't be
accepting anything but bug-fixes until 2.2.. 

There are two long-standing patches that I'm still considering: 
 - devfs
 - dynamic fd's

and I kind of expect that they'll go in (devfs is configurable, so if you
don't want it you don't need to care, and the dynamic fd's save some
memory and speed certain things up a bit). The reason they're not in now
is mainly that I've been trying to get everything else off my plate, and I
want to ruminate on them in peace for a while. 

Bug-fixes are still (and will always be) accepted, 


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