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IEEE Software
Call for Articles:
The Linux Operating System

Are you a participant in the development of Linux? Can you 
clearly explain the essential features and capabilities of 
Linux? Have you ever had the experience of using Linux in an 
application where it proved to be either highly beneficial 
or flatly inappropriate? Have you ever done a detailed 
comparison of Linux to another operating system? Do you have 
strong opinions one way or another about the open software 
process under which Linux was developed? Are you a software 
vendor who decided to support Linux? Have you ever thought 
about how the open software process of Linux differs from 
the traditional centralized software development practices, 
and what the implications of those differences might be for 
traditional software development? Have you ever thought 
about the international implications of a free, open 
operating system that makes supercomputing possible for any 
group or organization that can buy large numbers of PCs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, IEEE Software 
would like to encourage you to submit an article for our 
upcoming January 1999 Special Issue on The Linux Operating 
System. This rapidly approaching Special Issue provides an 
opportunity to get your experiences and views on Linux into 
print quickly, in a forum devoted to one of the most 
unexpected and intriguing software development events of 
recent times. We are looking for articles that address the 
full range of Linux issues, from easy-to-read basic 
introductions to Linux through analyses and predictions of 
how Linux could change the future of PC based computing, 
parallel computing, and software development. If you have 
ever felt that Linux is not getting the attention it 
deserves based on its merits as an operating system, here is 
a chance to speak out about your Linux experiences to a 
broad, highly influential community of software researchers, 
developers, and users.

January is approaching quickly, so submit your articles soon 
- - preferably no later than November 1, 1998 – to either one 
of the Special Issue Editors listed below. All submissions 
should be electronic, preferably via email, and should be in 
either RTF or Word document format. To increase your chances 
of acceptance, be sure to review the IEEE Software article 
guidelines at http:computer.org/software/edguide.htm. 
Articles must be original (that is, not previously published 
in another periodical or magazine), and should be written 
for an audience of experienced software practitioners who 
want to know more about Linux and the open software process 
by which it is created. Please send your submissions to 
either one of:

  Terry Bollinger             Peter H. Beckman
  The Mitre Corporation       Los Alamos National Laboratory
  1820 Dolley Madison Blvd.   CIC/ACL MS-B287
  McLean, VA 22102-3481, US   Los Alamos, NM 87545
    Email: terry@mitre.org      Email: beckman@acl.lanl.gov
      Fax: 703 883-7762           Fax: 505 665-4939
    Phone: 703 883-5638         Phone: 505 665-0800

Your article should be between 1,500 and 5,000 words in 
length (include 50 words for each figure and table). 
Appropriate use of illustrations and diagrams is encouraged. 
Submissions will be peer reviewed and edited for style, 
clarity, and space. For additional article guideline 
information please contact:

  Angie Su
  IEEE Software
  10662 Los Vaqueros Circle
  PO Box 3014, 
  Los Alamitos, CA 90720-1314
    Email: software@computer.org
      Fax: (714) 821-4010


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