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Re: [luga] RE: [luga] [OT?]notebook für den einsatz unter linux

On Mar 16, 2007 at 2329 +0100, Michael Prokop appeared and said:
> [...]
> IIRC (hab keine Referenz zur Hand, hab das auch nur über eine 3.
> Person und im Hinterkopf) war da was von wegen 'Wir wollen den User
> abhängig vom Zielland "regulieren", ohne das aber von der Firmware
> abhängig zu machen und dadurch flexibel bleiben' seitens des
> Herstellers.

„Aside from a form factor change (our prior wireless cards were mini PCI
while this one is mini PCI express), this project has also changed the
division of work between what occurs on the adapter and what the host is
responsible for performing.  The microcode and hardware provide lower
level MAC services (timings, backoffs, transmit queue management, etc.)
The host is responsible for middle and upper layer MAC services.

As a result of this change, some of the capabilities currently required
to be provided on the host include enforcement of regulatory limits for
the radio transmitter (radio calibration, transmit power, valid
channels, 802.11h, etc.)  In order to meet the requirements of all
geographies into which our adapters ship (over 100 countries) we have
placed the regulatory enforcement logic into a user space daemon that
we provide as a binary under the same license agreement as the
microcode.  We provide that binary pre-compiled as both a 32-bit and
64-bit application.  The daemon utilizes a sysfs interface exposed by
the driver in order to communicate with the hardware and configure the
required regulatory parameters.”


Hat eine Diskussion auf LKML losgetreten, wie zu erwarten war.

HTH & Cheers,

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 between minds we weave our mesh:
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